AWS Support Statement

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Arc Publishing is an AWS SSAP Partner that has developed a digital experience platform for AWS customers. Arc provides tools for content authoring, editing, and web rendering, as well as tools for video livestreaming, encoding, and playback built on top of the AWS Elemental suite.

4 Tracks, 60 Sessions and 160 Speakers - How ChosunIlbo and Arc Turned the Asian Leadership Conference into a Virtual Success.

When COVID-19 eliminated any opportunity for Korea’s annual premier leadership conference to be held in-person, ChosunIlbo, Korea’s most influential daily newspaper and conference host, turned to Arc Publishing’s online video platform Video Center. Powered by AWS Elemental, Video Center offered live-streaming and live-to-VOD conversion in conjunction with transcoding, publishing, and playback for a complete end-to-end video platform fully integrated into Arc’s content management and digital experience engines, making it the ideal solution for managing ALC2020 in-house.

La Tercera: Replatforming to Drive Performance and Unlock Growth

Copesa is one of the largest media holdings in Chile, and with a readership of 26 million users, their flagship publication, La Tercera, is one of the most influential print publications in the market, and one of the first to have a digital presence. After experiencing subpar digital performance and lengthy content development timelines, Copesa migrated La Tercera’s content management and website experience to Arc Publishing, achieving an immediate and wide-ranging impact that far surpassed expectations.

Graham Media Group: Innovating to Meet Growing Live Streaming Demand

Faced with growing live streaming demand across an increasing number of digital platforms, Graham Media Group sought a solution to solve the inefficiencies of the traditional live broadcasting model. By partnering with Arc Publishing, Graham Media Group found the solution they were looking for in a unified video backend and a collaboration with Arc to launch an iOS live streaming app, Broadcast.

BP: Building a ‘Write Once, Publish Anywhere’ Culture with Arc, Powered by AWS

For BP, one of the largest energy companies in the world, maintaining a clear communications strategy across internal and external communications was an enormously difficult task. With Arc Publishing, a headless CMS powered by AWS technology, BP was able to consolidate their multiple publishing platforms into one, bringing increased efficiency and communication consistency to their internal communications.