Arc for Digital Businesses

Arc Publishing empowers your organization to leverage personalization technology and blazing-fast video speeds to deliver relevant ads to your readers on all devices. Arc also includes best-in-class metered paywall technology to allow you to sell digital subscriptions to your most devoted readers.


Fuse is an immersive cross-platform experience that’s built for the consumer. This advertising technology allows a marketer to deliver their brand story with the same speed and execution as Facebook Instant and Google AMP.

Fuse is a fully hosted, click/swipe to open creative that stays within the current application to remove any latency or load time. Once the user swipes or clicks the promotion module (applicable on mWeb, app and desktop) the creative loads immediately and reveals a full screen, dynamic experience.


FlexPlay is a technology solution that delivers fast, effective video experiences for devices and platforms across mobile and web.

Through the FlexPlay dashboard, existing video assets (mov., mp4, YouTube and more) can be converted for use across different platforms: .gif, mp4, text layers, social icons and size manipulation (ex. vertical video). The tool then outputs a .gif or mp4 and delivers the file directly to DoubleClick for ad serving.


PostPulse is a mobile first, data-driven ad product that combines a client’s assets, branded content and Washington Post editorial content. It is served in a rich-media unit that’s personalized based on reader’s interests in real-time on and off the Washington Post platform.

PostPulse click-through-rates are twice as high as Washington Post standard ad size placements (like-sizes and like-browser analysis).


Re-Engage helps to recapture users’ attention based off their behaviors with our content on mobile devices. We built this technology to engage users at that given moment when they’re most likely to look elsewhere.

The module on mobile monitors a user's scroll frequency and inactive interface action. If the user is not engaged, we deliver the user a "Re-Engage” unit that recommends related content based on their interests through Clavis data systems. The algorithm pulls the most related content within that particular section.

In Context

In Context, an original ad product created by The Post, places branded content within relevant news content as a pull-quote. It places informative and interesting quotes, facts or excerpts provided by the advertiser from an original branded content piece within the body of related Washington Post articles.

This branded content supplements and helps tell the article’s story to make advertising a more relevant service to our readers. If they want, readers can then click to read more, and they will go directly to the article source.

Metered Paywall

Give users a certain number of free articles every month, and then bring them into your payment flow to convert them to paying subscribers.

• With a metered paywall, you can choose how many free articles a reader may read every month before being forced to pay.

• You can also choose how porous to make your paywall, by making certain traffic unmetered — like articles referred from Google and Facebook.