News about the Arc Publishing platform from the public relations team at The Washington Post.

Arc Bolsters Enterprise Expansion With Deeper Integration With Akamai, Catchpoint, and MuleSoft

Arc Publishing, the premier content management platform from The Washington Post, today announces it has expanded its integration with industry-leading software from Akamai, Catchpoint and MuleSoft, greatly enhancing its capabilities for enterprise customers worldwide to ensure they have access to the best-in-class tools on the market. These additions build on Arc’s advanced integration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and position the business for continued growth among enterprise brands and media companies.

Arc Publishing expands into Mexico with signing of El Financiero, the country’s leading financial and business publication.


Arc Publishing Expedites Release of Live Video Streaming App

April 20, 2020 — Arc Publishing has accelerated the release of its new mobile live video streaming app, Broadcast, making it available immediately for use by its customers exclusively in Apple’s App Store. The app gives journalists in the field another tool to deploy as they cover the impact of the coronavirus on their communities, and it enables enterprise brands on the Arc platform to connect easily with their workforce and customers.

Wrapping your head around the headless CMS

The software, called Arc, became successful enough within the halls of the Washington Post that the newspaper began selling it to content teams externally. Today, some 250 people work on Arc, powering more than 800 sites worldwide. Monahan said they function as a software-as-a-service business within the newspaper.

Gray Television, Cox Media Group and Oregon Public Broadcasting adopt Arc Publishing platform

Arc Publishing today announced it will license technology to Gray Television, which has stations and digital properties in 93 television markets, Cox Media Group, which has 71 stations and digital properties in 16 markets, and Oregon Public Broadcasting, the flagship public radio and TV source for the Pacific Northwest. With these additions, including two of the largest broadcasting companies in the United States, Arc greatly expands its work in the broadcast industry, powering digital experiences and content creation for more than 200 broadcast stations in the U.S and Europe.

The Washington Post’s Most Valuable Asset Is Now Its Software, Thanks to Jeff Bezos

Since Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million in 2013, the Amazon CEO has been carefully in distancing himself from the editorial operation of the fabled newspaper. But behind the newsroom, he has been diligently involved in the development of the publishing software powering the Post‘s digital content. His work is becoming increasingly valuable to the media company. Last week, the Post struck a deal to license its content management platform, Arc, to British oil giant BP. The energy company will use the tool to publish articles, newsletters and videos to its 70,000 employees across 250 internal websites and a future mobile app.

Will Arc Publishing Become More Valuable Than ‘The Washington Post’?

The Washington Post’s digital content platform, Arc Publishing, licensed its technology for the first time to a company outside of the media industry: energy giant BP. The deal may be an early indication that Arc Publishing can become a more valuable business than the newspaper for owner Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder who bought WaPo for $250 million in 2013.

Bezos’s Washington Post Licenses Its Publishing Technology to BP

Now, Arc is expanding into a new market, striking a deal with its first nonmedia customer: BP Plc. The energy giant’s communications team will use Arc’s software to publish articles and videos to its 70,000 employees across 250 internal websites, newsletters and a future mobile app.

‘Dallas Morning News’ Relaunches Website, Ups Speed And Search

The Dallas Morning News on Thursday relaunched its website, which the publisher says now loads three times faster than its previous iteration. Mike Orren, DMN’s Chief Product Officer, claims it is now the fastest news site in Texas.

WKMG-TV bursts with livestream content during Fourth of July broadcast blowout

In an unprecedented digital and broadcast event, WKMG-TV News 6 produced more than 100 hours of livestream content for during the station’s annual coverage of the Lake Eola “Fireworks at the Fountain” on July 4. This online streaming project harnessed live video from more than 25 different camera angles and sources, allowing online viewers to be in the “Director’s Chair” and select from the variety of angles, including the first-ever streams directly from mobile phones of reporters and producers in the field.

Arc Publishing’s Broadcast App Lets Journalists Stream Live Video To Multiple Platforms

The Washington Post’s digital publishing platform Arc Publishing is introducing a mobile app called Broadcast that allows journalists to stream live video to multiple sites and social platforms at the same time. Live streams can be distributed across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram, as well as owned-and-operated websites and OTT apps. The app was developed in collaboration with Graham Media Group. The broadcaster became a client of Arc’s video content management system back in February.

The Washington Post adds subscription tools to Arc

There is a vacuum in the consumer revenue tech stack, and The Washington Post is hoping to fill it with Arc. The Post announced that it has added a suite of subscription tools to Arc, the publishing platform it began licensing to other publishers in 2016, including a registration system designed to capture audience email addresses; a paywall, which can be either hard or soft; a customer service portal that connects publishers’ customer support teams with subscribers; and a page builder that allows publishers to develop and deploy offer pages on their sites without programming or design resources.

Die 10 besten Redaktionssysteme bei Digitalmedien

Welche Dienstleister bei den größten Digitalmedien zum Einsatz kommen und welche Köpfe dahinterstecken. Zum Ranking von “kress pro”, dem Magazin für Führungskräfte bei Medien. Bereits zum dritten Mal hat “kress pro” in einer großen Umfrage bei Publishern, Software-Entwicklern und IT-Dienstleistern ermittelt, welche Redaktions- und Content-Management-Systeme bei den wichtigsten Medienmarken (Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, Online) zum Einsatz kommen. 250 Zeitungen, Zeitschriften und Digital-Angebote bildeten die Basis für das “kress pro”-Ranking.

How The Washington Post Made Its Publishing Platform a Revenue Driver

In this interview, Prakash describes the genesis story of Arc Publishing. Arc was initially built by the company to meet its own needs, but after realizing it had built one of the best media tech stacks in the industry, the company began selling it to other publishers.

At Tribune Publishing, boardroom chaos could be in the rearview mirror

In an interview, the first to my knowledge Knight has given as CEO, he ticked off progress on a number of familiar priorities: By switching over to The Washington Post’s Arc publishing system, Tribune’s papers will have a more stable and mobile-friendly CMS. Naturally, Knight agreed. “Our newsrooms are still doing killer work.” That was two weeks ago. The following Monday, Tribune papers won three Pulitzer Prizes.

Graham Media Group Signs Up With Arc Publishing

Arc Publishing, the Washington Post-owned video content management system, has signed its second broadcaster to utilize its services, Graham Media Group. This follows Raycom Media going with Arc Publishing in December 2018. Graham Media will use Arc’s video platform technology to manage broadcast content for digital distribution for its affiliates in Houston, Detroit, Roanoke, Va., San Antonio, Orlando and Jacksonville, Fla. Journalists will be able to cut and publish live video to the web, mobile, social media and other channels, as well as publish breaking news video during a live broadcast. The Arc Publishing platform is built on Amazon Web Services, including AWS Elemental Media Services to prepare, process and deliver broadcast and OTT video from the AWS Cloud.

Washington Post’s Arc Publishing Platform Uses AWS to Transform the Broadcast Landscape

“One of Arc’s key differentiators is its seamless integration of live stream sources and digital publishing functionality which help provide automated workflows for live video distribution. Arc enables easy and efficient clipping, cropping, and publishing of live video stream segments even while the stream is running. For live content, Arc uses an on-premises AWS Elemental Live encoder, which acts as the video source for the AWS Cloud.”

WaPo Digital Arm Getting Into Broadcast Business

“The broadcaster involved is Raycom Media and the news is that the Post’s Arc Publishing digital arm has licensed technology to Raycom, which has relaunched its TV and radio station websites using the Amazon-based platform (The Post is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos). It is Arc’s first broadcast client—its newspaper clients include the Los Angeles Times, Canada’s Globe and Mail, and the New Zealand Herald—and the company is looking to grow that business, said a Post spokesperson.”

50 Indispensable Media, Marketing and Tech Players: Shailesh Prakash

“As part of his mission to transform the Jeff Bezos-owned media property into a cutting-edge digital publisher, Prakash led development of the Arc CMS... In effect, while upgrading his own company’s capabilities, and opening new revenue streams during a time of intense competition for advertising and subscriptions, Prakash created a business that is having a positive impact across the entire industry.”

Newsonomics: The Washington Post’s ambitions for Arc have grown — to a Bezosian scale

“Arc is now used by more than 30 clients operating more than 100 sites on four continents. It’s not the industry standard, but it’s not too early to call it an industry standard. But its ambitions are still nowhere near met. Now the Post is moving Arc into a new phase, talking of a connective effect that could impact the face of the business formerly known as “newspapering.” Arc wants to be more than a technology stack — it wants to be a network.”

How The Washington Post is building its tech platform, Arc

“Arc, The Washington Post’s technology platform, is increasingly paying off for the newspaper company. Arc has signed five major publishers as clients this year — Bonnier Corp., Advance Local, Boston Globe Media Partners, Philadelphia Media Network and Le Parisien. With those additions, Arc supports 90 sites and apps representing 500 million monthly unique visitors, the Post said... Outsourcing its tech to Arc can free up a publisher’s resources, too. One team of Bonnier’s engineers, for example, spent most of their time supporting Sandcastle, its custom-built CMS. Arc also lets clients access third-party tools at lower prices thanks to Arc’s purchasing power, Gillespie said.

AWS Partner Story: The Washington Post

“Looking to drive agility and innovation throughout the organization, The Post chose to build its internal Arc platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and transform its architecture from a monolithic Content Management System (CMS) design to a microservices-based design.”

DevOps on AWS Radio: Washington Post - Patrick Cullen (Episode 14) [Podcast]

In this episode, Paul Duvall and Brian Jakovich cover recent DevOps on AWS news and speak with Patrick Cullen - a principal architect from the Washington Post - about their DevOps transformation in AWS.

Matthew Monahan, director of Arc Publishing at WashPo, on speed and innovation in the newsroom

“Bit by bit, we grew the business of Arc, and it’s become a lucrative revenue stream for The Post. But it’s also true that as a hosted SaaS platform, there are benefits to scale. The bigger the platform gets, the more useful feedback we get from our customers and the better the platform becomes. Beyond that, the whole Arc team is excited by the mission of helping publishers around the world succeed in the digital space and unlock their latent potential.”

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2018: #8, The Washington Post

“In September 2017, the Wash­ing­ton Post revealed that it had signed up more than 1 mill­ion digital-only sub­scribers, up 300% in just a year. But there’s more to the company’s current boom than intrepid journalism: The 140-year-old paper, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos since 2013, func­tions as a software company as well, with proprietary code pow­ering its app’s augmented-reality storytelling features and moderating comments. The Post also sells its robust in-house publishing platform, Arc, as a service (which the Los Angeles Times and the New Zealand Herald started using in 2017).“

Here’s how Arc’s cautious quest to become the go-to publishing system for news organizations is going

“This week, the Philadelphia Media Network announced that it would be moving to Arc for all of’s publishing needs, working directly with the Post team to test new Arc tools and features throughout the year-long transition process. The nonprofit Lenfest Institute, which owns PMN, will document the process in a series of white papers for the other metro news organizations participating in the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, laying out details on why it chose to adopt Arc.”

Lenfest is helping to bring The Washington Post’s content management system to Philly (and beyond)

“The Lenfest Institute for Journalism announced Tuesday that it’s part of a new partnership with The Washington Post. That partnership will bring Arc Publishing, the Post’s content management system for newsrooms, to the Philadelphia Media Network. PMN includes, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News.”

Fred Ryan and The Washington Post Are Reshaping the Future of the News

“The system worked so well for the company, it created a separate entity called Arc to make the product available to other news organizations, including Tronc, the New York Daily News, The Globe and Mail in Toronto and others. “It’s been great in terms of bringing in additional revenue,” Ryan says. “It’s been great in terms of helping us to recruit outstanding engineers to be part of something that is empowering not just The Washington Post, but others in the media business.”

‘RED’ alert: The Washington Post’s surprising ad-tech skunkworks

By developing its own ad tech tools, the Post has drastically reduced its reliance on third-party vendors, slashing slow load times on the site. In December of last year, the Post reported itself to be profitable for the first time since Bezos bought the paper in 2013. Today the Post boasts 80 million to 100 million monthly unique views, in part due to the efficiencies RED has introduced, Dicker says.

How thinking like a tech company has transformed innovation at The Washington Post

When you think of The Washington Post, you probably think newspapers, not software company. But the reality is that the company operates a lot more like the latter. Under the influence of owner Jeff Bezos, The Post has been trying innovative approaches to everything it does and is experimenting with new ways of doing business.... “”We now also have a Software as a Service model where the Washington Post is no longer solely reliant on advertising or subscriptions. We are actually becoming the technology vendor for other publications.” And that not only helps them diversify revenue, but has created an internal culture of innovation, which should help drive long-term success.”

At ‘Washington Post,’ Tech Is Increasingly Boosting Financial Performance

“Creating its own technology, in turn, gave the Post more control over things like load speeds and reliability, as well as deep visibility into its users — which stories they read, how far they scrolled, which headlines drew more traffic, and whether each reader has a preference for videos or photo presentations. That information could be fed back to the newsroom in real time, enabling them to, for example, beta-test headlines and optimize photos suited to different models of phones.”

Washington Post Licenses Publishing Technology to Tronc

“Tronc said it will use the Arc technology to help power its entire portfolio of digital properties, beginning with the Los Angeles Times. Tronc’s other publications include the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel... Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon and now owner of the Post, has had a hand in building the Arc platform, and has encouraged executives at the Post to take a page out of Amazon’s playbook for its Amazon Web Services cloud computing product.”

Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Media for 2017, #2: The Washington Post

“Traffic-wise, the Post has been consistently eclipsing records—in November 2016, it exceeded 100 million unique online visitors. The company has also been investing in technology to bolster its reportage. It launched a variety of new software to get its content into the world, including an in-house testing product, new ad offerings, and tools to help reporters and editors act faster around breaking news.”

The Washington Post Is Marketing Itself to Brands as a Testing Ground for Video Ads

“It started an internal group called Research, Experimentation and Development (or RED) that now includes a team of 10 to 15 engineers and product employees who are laser-focused on making ads faster and better for both marketers and other publishers like Toronto’s The Globe and Mail who license The Washington Post’s ad technology.”

Revolution at The Washington Post

“Is it an underhanded compliment to be called the most innovative company in the newspaper business? The Washington Post will happily take it. In the three years since Amazon’s Jeff Bezos bought the Post for $250 million—now seen as a steal for one of the great brands in publishing—the Post has reinvented itself with digital speed. Its Web traffic has doubled since Bezos arrived, and it far outstrips The New York Times (and even BuzzFeed) in the number of online posts its reporters file every day. So successful has the Post become in the digital game that it now licenses its content management system to other news outlets, a business that could generate $100 million a year.”

Digital Publishing: How The Washington Post is Pushing its Ad Technology Business

“Bandito is a home-grown tool that lets editors publish articles with as many as five different headlines and photos to figure out which is the most engaging to readers. WebSked is a newsroom planning tool that makes it easier and faster to plan and coordinate coverage.”

Inside The Washington Post’s Quest to Fix Ad Tech

“When Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million, people were shocked. Why would Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the wealthiest people in the world, invest in the volatile news business? Since then, however, Bezos’s plan for the Post has become clearer: Rebuild the august newspaper for the digital age, experiment like a startup, and create as many revenue sources as possible.... Improvements in code cut page load time by almost 85 percent. In total, 18 products can be licensed via the Post’s proprietary technology, Arc Publishing. Arguably the most surprising investment has been in ad tech, where Jarrod Dicker has led the company’s ad product team, called RED, since August 2015.”

The Washington Post Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands, Creates Newsletter Platform

“Paloma has three components, Mr. Prakash said: It makes it easier to import and embed multimedia content from social platforms like Instagram; it employs a package of spam-detection technologies and tests to ensure that newsletters aren’t getting caught in filters, a persistent issue in the industry; and it uses Amazon’s Simple Email Service platform to actually build and deliver the product, once assembled.”

Good News at The Washington Post: Inside the paper Jeff Bezos bought & Donald Trump banned.

“About a dozen publishers have signed on, including the Toronto Globe and Mail, Alaska Dispatch News, Willamette Week, and Santa Fe Reporter, but the Post believes it can eventually generate $100 million a year from the business. This spring, it launched software that solves certain problems for digital advertisers: One rapidly reduces load times for mobile display ads; another reformats video ads for vertical cell-phone screens.”

The Bezos Effect: How Amazon’s Founder Is Reinventing The Washington Post

“Prakash is hoping that the licensing of Arc is just the beginning. If it were up to him, he’d make available to other news organizations a range of tools the Post has developed, including its apps. Obviously a Post app would have to be customized and rebranded before it could be used by, say, The Berkshire Eagle. And given the precarious state of the newspaper business, licensing or selling technology to other newspapers is not going to create a financial bonanza for the Post. But it would provide a stream of revenue while at the same time creating a media ecosystem built around the Post’s technology.”

5 things publishers can learn from how Jeff Bezos is running The Washington Post

“Bandito allows editors to publish articles with up to five different headlines, photos and story treatments, with an algorithm deciding which one readers find the most engaging. Loxodo includes tools that allow Prakash to track what he and Bezos call “lead measures” — how readers perceive the quality of Post journalism compared to that offered by other news organizations, as well as the speed, quality and quantity of mobile alerts.”

Washington Post Looks to Publishing Platform as Growing Revenue Stream

“The software is hosted on the Post’s network and the customer pays according to the amount of data used to build pages, manage paywalls, test headlines, and post to outside platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as collect and analyze user information. “We have a taken a page out of Amazon’s playbook. It is completely hosted. We run it, we administer it and we get paid consistently every month,” he said. “The great thing is if a site grows and gets more traffic, we get paid more.””

The Globe and Mail becomes largest North American media outlet to use The Washington Post’s Technology Platform

“Today, The Globe and Mail announces that they will become the largest North American media outlet to adopt The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing technology, with efforts to transition The Globe to the new platform starting immediately.”

Washington Post Pushes Into Ad Tech With New High-Speed Ad Product

“You’ve heard of Facebook Instant Articles. Think of this as Washington Post instant advertising. The newspaper publisher, owned by founder Jeff Bezos, is rolling out a new ad product aimed at speeding up the response time for Web ads, particularly on mobile devices.”

Welcome to the new

“Bigger changes are happening under the hood. Starting this week, we’re using the Arc suite of publishing tools developed by The Washington Post. They’re the same tools that power the Post online. We’re the first regional news site to adopt them. (Willamette Week, the alt-weekly in Portland, has been using Arc for a while.) Look for faster load times and better performance. The tools give us much more flexibility to customize pages, update stories quickly and create different presentations for readers. As we ease into these tools, we’ll have even more dynamic stories for you.”

By dealing with Amazon and non-news organizations, can The Washington Post ‘blow the top off’ the CMS industry?

“Enter Arc. The Post’s pitch to news organizations is a simple one: Let us provide the tools for everything you do — building pages, setting up paywalls, scheduling stories, testing headlines, managing newsletters — and in return, pay us a fee based on how much data you use. The Post offers Arc through a tiered pricing model...”

Can a Bezos buddy act help fend off Gannett’s bid for Tribune?

“That Arc platform aims to provide the Post, and its growing licensees, a platform to power the modern business. That means individual modules that drive video, mobile, social, user testing, app creation and analytics, among other abilities. Those who have seen it like what they see, how it’s architected for integration and growth, even as they realize parts of it require fuller build-out. Arc takes a cloud-based approach, hosted on Amazon Web Services — yet another leverage of that other little company in which Post owner Jeff Bezos is involved.”

Can news publishers take on the tech giants at their own game?

“The cleverest new business strategy to emerge because of the internet must be Amazon’s cloud model.... Not surprisingly, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post. Arc or elements of it started at WaPo well before Bezos got there. In fact, tech teams within media orgs have tried to spin out their publishing tools since CMS became an acronym. But having the backing of the most successful person to pursue the model will be a real advantage for them.”

How The Washington Post built its tool to “re-engage” distracted readers on mobile

“Its new Re-Engage feature, currently for mobile web, observes how long a reader remains completely idle on a story page or how quickly a reader begins swiping the screen to scroll to the bottom of a story, and then offers a small pop-up suggesting other Post stories. So if a lede doesn’t pique my interest and I leave my phone screen for a while, the Re-Engage feature emerges on my screen offering a couple of other story suggestions from the same section.”

Washington Post’s ‘Bandito’ Tool Optimizes Content For Clicks

“The Washington Post is experimenting with technology to automatically optimize articles on its website for maximum readership. A new internally-developed tool, dubbed “Bandito,” allows editors to enter different article versions with varying headlines, images and teaser text into its content management system. The technology then detects which version readers are clicking or tapping on more, and automatically serves that version more frequently on the homepage and other areas of the Post’s site. Publishers frequently use so-called A/B tests to compare different versions of articles and to establish which headlines and images appeal to readers, but the Post’s tool is particularly interesting because it automatically implements changes based on the information it collects.”

Bezos transforms Washington Post in digital age

“Doctor said a big part of that strategy is creating a technology “platform” -- one that not only performs fast but delivers analytics on how readers are interacting with the website and apps, and also integrates with marketing to deliver targeted advertising and other messages. The Post platform dubbed ‘Arc’ made its debut in August, and is also being offered to other newspapers to improve their performance and analytics -- a move that could according to Doctor help the Washington daily collect useful reader data. “That’s the roadmap -- to learn rapidly about news readers in the same way that Amazon has learned about buyers of goods,” Doctor said. Bezos upgraded the Post technology team which he said rivals “any team in Silicon Valley.”

The Washington Post continues to debut new ad products

“PostPulse ad units will incorporate both a brand’s media -- it could be branded content -- and a carousel that will recommend a few Post articles for readers, based on the data. The right-rail Pulse unit will “follow” readers from page to page if they take the plunge and click on a recommended link.”

Newsonomics: The Washington Post Offers An Arc in The Storm

“Just this week, Portland’s Pulitzer-winning Willamette Week became Arc’s first launched customer. The weekly pulled the Arc switch with the usual trepidation — but few of the normal tears, it says — and transformed the look and speed of its web and mobile products. In total, it took but two and a half months from the start of talks with the Post to the launch. Willamette Week’s newsroom has seen a much needed change in its workflows. ‘To upload images, we’ve gone from three steps to one,’ says Lizzy Acker, Willamette Week’s web editor...”

Arc Publishing Signs The ChosunIlbo

Feb. 24, 2020 — The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing today announced it has signed <a href="" target=_blank>The ChosunIlbo</a>, the largest and most influential news publication in Korea. ChosunIlbo is Arc’s first customer in Korea... Juno Bang, Vice President at The ChosunIlbo, said, “We are glad to establish a close relationship with The Washington Post, one of the world’s leading media and technology companies, with the introduction of Arc Publishing,” and added, “The ChosunIlbo, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, will lead the innovation in the Korean media market both on and offline in cooperation with Arc.”

Arc Publishing licenses technology to global brand BP

<br/>Arc Publishing today announces it has expanded into the enterprise sector, signing an agreement to provide technology to BP, the UK-based energy major and one of the largest companies in the world. Arc will power the content created by BP’s communications team, providing editorial and video tools to support a communications strategy that serves more than 70,000 employees in 70 countries across 250 internal sites. This deal follows a period of tremendous growth and investment for Arc as the business adds broadcast clients and expands organizationally to support its ambitious road map.

Arc Publishing deepens relationship with Amazon Web Services across sales, marketing and technical development

Arc Publishing, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner, today announces a new collaboration with AWS to support the APN. Arc is working with AWS to help drive new business and accelerate the sales cycle for participating independent software providers through co-selling with the AWS sales organization, connecting and supporting APN Partners with opportunities related to active AWS customers.

Arc Publishing introduces PageBuilder Themes, dramatically accelerating site launch and time-to-market

Arc Publishing today introduces PageBuilder Themes, a turnkey solution designed to enable publishers, broadcasters and brands to build and launch new sites in less than 30 days while ensuring they can take advantage of Arc’s existing customization capabilities and flexible site management system. Customers can seamlessly integrate their own bespoke components, highlighting Themes’ flexibility and customization.

Arc Publishing unveils streaming video app Broadcast

Arc Publishing today introduced Broadcast, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that allows journalists to stream high-quality live video to multiple sites and social platforms simultaneously. From breaking news reports to scheduled news events, journalists can bring their audiences live coverage on a variety of platforms using their mobile device. Broadcast was developed in collaboration with Graham Media Group and the app debuted at Arc Con, Arc Publishing’s annual customer event held in Washington, D.C.

Arc Publishing unveils state-of-the-art commerce platform Arc Subscriptions

Arc Subscriptions manages every facet of the sales cycle, from registration to campaigns and offers to checkout and billing, giving clients a dynamic and agile platform that can handle the sale of different types of products, like digital subscriptions and merchandise, without adding additional technical lift. The platform empowers marketers by giving them greater control of the intuitive tool set so they are free to create, test and implement offers and campaigns and quickly iterate and experiment.

Arc Publishing announces significant investment to support growth, expansion strategy

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing, which powers sites around the world that serve more than 600 million unique visitors a month, announces a significant investment in the organization, adding nearly 100 new hires in the last 18 months to strengthen its ability to respond rapidly to client needs and support its expansion to serve broadcasters and brands. In the last year, Arc has experienced incredible growth, tripling revenue, expanding to new regions, and powering several large broadcasters... With this investment, Arc builds on its engineering strength, opening a dedicated engineering office in Chicago. This new facility supports Arc’s rapid innovation and allows the organization to tap into a regional talent pool rich in e-commerce and enterprise experience.

Arc Publishing signs Hong Kong-based Apple Daily

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing will license technology to Apple Daily, one of the most read news sites in Asia with digital editions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the U.S. and Canada. Apple Daily reaches more than 43 million monthly unique visitors and records more than 2 billion monthly page views. Apple Daily is a prolific publisher with video accounting for nearly half of its daily content.

Arc Publishing expands in Latin America, adding Cimeco (Clarín Group), El Comercio, La Naciόn and La Prensa

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing announces it will license technology to Cimeco (Clarín Group, Argentina), El Comercio (Peru), La Naciόn (Argentina), and La Prensa (Panama), making Arc the dominant news publishing platform in Latin America. Arc serves nearly a dozen media companies in the region, accounting for more than 250 million unique visitors and more than two billion pages views a month.

Arc Publishing adds Germany’s Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland as a client

Arc Publishing expands in the German market, adding new client Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, one of the region’s largest media companies with 13 television channels and leading digital destinations like TV NOW and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland will leverage Arc to power the newly launched news portal

Arc Publishing signs broadcaster Graham Media Group

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing today announces it has signed broadcaster Graham Media Group, a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company, giving its stations access to Arc’s industry-leading video content management system. This is Arc’s second U.S. broadcast client in as many months, following the launch of Raycom Media in December.

DAC and The Washington Post partner to make Arc Publishing available in Japan

D.A.Consortium Inc. and The Washington Post have announced the launch of Arc Publishing in Japan... Utilizing its expertise and relationship with publishers in the digital advertising space, DAC will serve as the exclusive partner of Arc in Japan and will support publishers’ shift to digital-first workflows.

Arc Publishing announces new client Raycom Media, entering broadcast market

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing today announced it has licensed technology to Raycom Media, which has relaunched 42 of the company’s television and radio stations on the Arc platform. Raycom Media is one of the largest media companies in the U.S. with stations in 44 markets and 20 states.

Arc Publishing expands in South America by powering technology for ABC Color

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing today announced it will power digital publishing for ABC Color, Paraguay’s most-read newspaper. ABC Color will license Arc’s cutting-edge technology to accelerate the news organization’s digital growth across video, mobile and distributed platforms.

Arc Publishing to license technology to Peru’s Grupo La República

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing will license technology to Grupo La República, one of the largest print and digital media organizations in Peru. The agreement extends to its five publications including La República, which reaches more than 35 million digital readers, Líbero, El Popular, Wapa and Aweita.

Hired Inc names The Washington Post the top tech employer in Washington, D.C.

The Washington Post is the top employer for tech talent in Washington, D.C., according to Hired Inc’s 2018 Global Brand Health Report... The Post topped the list of most attractive companies, which includes Capital One and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Arc Publishing to power technology for Spain’s El País

<br/>Arc Publishing, the platform-as-a-service business from The Washington Post, today announced it has signed Spain’s PRISA Noticias and will power digital publishing for their flagship brand El País, the world’s leading Spanish-language daily with more than 66 million digital readers. The agreement also includes Diario AS, one of the most influential sports news and information sites in the world, which draws more than 36 million readers.

Arc Publishing to license technology to The Dallas Morning News

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing will license technology to The Dallas Morning News, one of the most recognizable news brands in the U.S. With this agreement, Arc now powers publications that serve the majority of the top ten media markets in the country.

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing enters German media market with new client MADSACK Media Group

One of the largest publishing companies in Germany, MADSACK Media Group will use Arc to power future digital products of its nationwide publishing division the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), including a new national news portal for Germany.

Arc Publishing signs Advance Local

Arc Publishing, The Washington Post’s fast-growing platform-as-a-service business has signed Advance Local, one of the country’s largest media companies which reaches millions of people in major markets across the U.S. Arc will power technology for Advance’s many sites, including,, and, among others.

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing signs Boston Globe Media Partners

Arc Publishing, The Washington Post’s software-as-a-service platform, today announces a deal with Boston Globe Media Partners to power technology for the company’s flagship brand, The Boston Globe.

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing signs magazine publisher Bonnier Corp.

<br/>Arc Publishing, The Washington Post’s fast-growing platform-as-a-service, has signed Bonnier Corp., one of the largest niche magazine publishing groups in America. Arc will power technology for the company’s more than 30 multichannel magazine brands, which include Field &amp; Stream, Popular Science, Saveur, and more.

The Washington Post, Lenfest Institute, and Philadelphia Media Network Announce News Technology Alliance

The Washington Post, The Lenfest Institute for Journalism and Philadelphia Media Network (PMN) have created a new technology partnership designed to accelerate digital innovation at the Philadelphia Inquirer and other metropolitan newspapers around the country.

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing signs Le Parisien

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing has signed an agreement with Le Parisien to power the publication’s digital presence. Founded by the French underground during World War II, Le Parisien is known outside Paris as Aujourd’hui en France (“Today in France”) and is one of the largest newspapers in the country, reaching more than 20 million monthly unique visitors and with the largest general national news daily print circulation of more than 320,000.

The Post’s Patrick Cullen and Jason Bartz to speak at AWS re:Invent 2017

The Washington Post’s Patrick Cullen, chief architect for The Post’s technology platform, and Jason Bartz, technical architect, will speak at AWS re:Invent, the annual conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community.

The Washington Post and Arc Publishing win WAN-IFRA Digital Media Awards

<br/>The Post won for Best News Website and Arc was named Best Innovation New Product, a testament to the superior technology built by The Post and the view that great journalism should be supported by great technology.

Arc Publishing introduces white label native app

<br/>Arc Publishing, The Washington Post’s fast-growing software-as-a-service business, now offers a white label native app which gives publishers a low-lift, turnkey solution for launching a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

The Washington Post releases ‘the web’s fastest advertising technology’

The Washington Post today announced the completed rollout of its speed focused advertising technology across the entire Post ecosystem, delivering an optimal ad experience for both brands and users.

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing announces technology partnership with tronc, Inc.

<br/>Arc Publishing, The Washington Post’s fast-growing software-as-a-service business, has signed a technology partnership with tronc, Inc. to power digital publishing for its vast publishing portfolio, beginning with the Los Angeles Times.

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing signs New Zealand’s largest media company

<br/>New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) becomes the newest international client of Arc Publishing, the state-of-the-art digital publishing platform built by The Washington Post that now serves over a dozen clients worldwide. NZME is one of New Zealand’s leading news organizations with a network of more than 80 media outlets, including iconic Kiwi brands such as The New Zealand Herald and Newstalk ZB.

How The Washington Post built a publishing platform accidentally on purpose

The Elizabethan dramaturge John Webster gave one of his characters these immortal words: “There’s nothing of so infinite vexation/As man’s own thoughts.” Of course, he was lucky enough to live nearly 400 years before the first content management system was invented... Whatever the next 400 years may hold for journalists, Arc is here to stay. Much has happened in the nearly four years since Arc’s beginnings as a workaround to newsroom frustration. Arc has gone on to power websites around the world, with more to come, and Post engineers daily encounter a multiplicity of challenges more complex than anything the newsroom could have imagined in 2013.

The Globe and Mail becomes largest North American media outlet to use The Washington Post’s Technology Platform

Today, The Globe and Mail announces that they will become the largest North American media outlet to adopt The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing technology, with efforts to transition The Globe to the new platform starting immediately. Designed and built by The Washington Post, Arc Publishing is a flexible technology platform specifically built for digital storytelling that handles stories, rich media, apps, video and personalization, optimizing them for deployment to different channels – including desktop, large or small tablets, mobile phones and distributed social platforms.

Arc Publishing Technology powers new Alaska Dispatch News site

<br/>The Washington Post’s digital publishing platform, Arc, now powers Alaska Dispatch News, the Anchorage-based daily which covers news, politics and culture in the country’s most northern state.

The Washington Post introduces “Fuse,” new technology for ads across all Post platforms

When a user swipes on the promotional unit powered by Fuse, the ad unit opens pre-cached and immediately within the application to reveal a full-screen, dynamic experience.

The Washington Post unveils new real-time content testing tool Bandito

The Washington Post unveils Bandito, a custom-built, real-time content testing tool that allows Post editors to experiment with how a story is presented on The Post’s site. Bandito lets editors create multiple experiences for a story, varying the headline, blurb, and thumbnail photo for articles that appear on The Post’s site.

New feature aims to get distracted or inactive users to engage further with Washington Post content

Here’s how it works: when a mobile user is rapidly swiping past content or not interacting with it at all, we will deliver a “Re-Engage” unit that recommends content based on the user’s interests identified through our proprietary Clavis personalization system. The unit also leverages Bandito’s testing capabilities.”

The Washington Post’s new “InContext” promotional unit automatically matched with relevant editorial content

The native ads, called “InContext,” were created by a team of Post engineers focused on personalization and feature pre-selected quotes from WP BrandStudio stories. Proprietary technology enables the units to appear on story pages with contextually relevant Post editorial content, dramatically improving efficiency and the amount of time that would be required to pair the ads manually.

New Washington Post Promotional Unit Integrates Editorial Content to Deliver a Tailored Ad Experience

“Using proprietary technology, “PostPulse” is a promotional unit that pulls in Post editorial content around a certain topic as well as a brand’s message. The data-driven technology, called Clavis, then identifies users that would be interested in that content and recommends an experience that’s most relatable to them.”