Arc Products

At every step of the lifecycle of a story, Arc tools make your newsroom faster and more efficient, so that reporters and editors can focus their time on what they do best.

Arc also empowers your organization to leverage personalization technology and blazing-fast video speeds to deliver relevant ads to your readers on all devices. Arc also includes best-in-class metered paywall technology to allow you to sell digital subscriptions to your most devoted readers.


Ellipsis is a web-based digital storytelling tool built for teams who need to quickly create high-quality news and narrative content. The tool anticipates multiple authors and editors working side-by-side to create a variety of types of stories, although it can also be used by just a single author to quickly create a simple news article.

After publishing, the user interface can adapt to help you improve the story and understand how well it is performing.

• Write & publish stories faster than ever
• Publish on all platforms (Facebook Instant, Google AMP, Apple News, etc)
• Promote newsroom collaboration without worry of blocking or overwriting colleagues’ work.


Anglerfish is the photo management system for Arc. It offers complete control over an organization’s images, no matter what format, size, or origin.
• Highly scalable origin for photo requests
• Automatically extract metadata from popular file formats
• Manage roles and privileges
• Edit caption, location, photographer, and more
• Search by keyword, rating, date taken, and location
• Organize photos into galleries
• On-demand image resizing
• Unpublish an image and it is automatically removed from public access


Our video CMS, Goldfish enables video version management, captioning, variant testing, and coordination of different video streams across platforms.
Maintain full control over the look and feel of your video content, without external dependencies
• Simplify workflow for publishing and distributing video with our intuitive, simple CMS built in partnership with the editorial staff
• Built-in variant testing for thumbnails and headlines.
• GIF creation from any uploaded video file.
• Support for large file and remote upload
• Video version management with detailed logs of when and which users update files
• Support for versioning of files by platform (YouTube, Set-top boxes, Facebook, etc)


WebSked is a newsroom scheduling, budgeting, and planning tool that provides complete insight into all the content your newsroom produces. Create assignments, search for stories by keyword, and follow stories through your publishing workflow (including Slack notifications).

Whether you're an editor looking for the best stories for your Facebook feed, a reporter pitching your day's work to the homepage team, or a copy editor grabbing a story for a read, WebSked has you covered.


• Editors and developers, working together
• Easy-to-use WYSIWYG page curation
• Incredible performance, built for mobile
• Perfect headlines
• Flexible development framework
• Metrics and testing

One of the most exasperating parts of publishing online today is all the data entry related to a story — adding non-writing elements within the text editor such as links to previous articles, tags, categories, videos and images, which can often take up more time than writing the story itself. PageBuilder simplifies this process with complete flexibility for developers & designers, and a WYSIWYG editor for homepage producers, all in the same tool.

PageBuilder combines continuous deployment practices with a multi-user, easy-to-use page editor, so that you can change your site as quickly as big news breaks. Most of all, we were inspired to move faster. A faster reader experience, a simpler newsroom workflow, and flexible, lightweight tools for site developers.


Bandito is a variant testing engine that allows you to run multiple variants of your headlines, blurbs, and photos to improve clickthrough rates.

Unlike Darwin, which manages A/B tests for site features, Bandito allows you to add new variants in the middle of a test, and to begin to allocate traffic to the winning variant before the test concludes. This means that on time-sensitive content, you can immediately benefit from the headline that drives the most clicks.


Improve your site’s UX by managing and running parallel A/B tests (or A/B/C/D tests) for your whole site.

• Easy setup and management of tests

• Learn what works and what doesn't by delivering targeted experiences to specific user segments and monitoring reader behavior

• Rapidly prototype experiences to maximize engagement for monetization features like acquisition flow


Clavis is a personalization engine powered by natural language processing.

• Use first-party clickstream data to personalize article recommendations and improve clickthrough rates

• Improve ad targeting and increase advertising rates

Metered Paywall

Give users a certain number of free articles every month, and then bring them into your payment flow to convert them to paying subscribers.

• With a metered paywall, you can choose how many free articles a reader may read every month before being forced to pay.

• You can also choose how porous to make your paywall, by making certain traffic unmetered — like articles referred from Google and Facebook.