Arc for Tech Teams

Continuous Deployment

• Experiment rapidly through A/B testing
• Respond to customers' needs quickly
• Reduce the risk of change
• Innovate faster than the competition

Continuous deployment is crucial to running a modern news site. Readers want to be able to access information at any time, and it is unacceptable to force them to wait for a deployment to finish. Speed and scale are at the heart of Arc Publishing, and maintaining a highly-available, minimal-downtime site is core to what we do. With Arc, we focus on providing the hosted infrastructure so that you can focus on building the best experiences for your readers.

The developer experience is paramount—we won't release tools that our own site's developers wouldn't use themselves. And come with whatever legacy systems or integrations you want: with a full set of APIs, we'd rather have your tech team happy than locked in.

Initially built for the Washington Post, Arc Publishing is engineered to meet the needs of the world’s largest publishers. Many of the foundational aspects of Arc are based on our experiences with many of the most popular CMSs on the market: what we liked, what frustrated us, changes that we saw coming, and a desire to move faster.

Performance & Stability

Performance and stability have been built into Arc Publishing since day one: our original motivation for building PageBuilder was to improve the performance of the Washington Post.

Arc Publishing maintains an uptime of 99.98%, as measured by pingdom. The average time-to-first-byte for resources is approximately 21ms. The average platform-wide perceived completion time is 1.17 seconds on Desktop Broadband, and ranges between 2.5 seconds and 3.4 seconds across all devices and clients (as measured by real-time user metrics, depending on device profile and time of day).

Developer Experience

Building your site, creating user experiences for A/B testing, and developing feeds to and from partners—these things shouldn’t be a chore. Our engineers built tools that they’d want to use (and do use) themselves. Arc Publishing’s templating and rendering solution lets you bring your own frameworks and stays out of your way. Our tools aim to provide maximum flexibility for developers, while promoting modularity and code reuse.

When it comes time to push your changes to the world, there isn’t time for committees or overnight deployments. You need the ability to push changes out many times a day. At the same time, site availability and proper functioning are the most critical aspects of your business. That’s why Arc Publishing gives you the tools for rolling blue-green deployments, with the option for continuous deployment with pre-defined failure metrics that initiate automatic rollbacks.

Our lightweight SDK promotes modularity and code reuse, with tools for customizable newsroom interfaces.

Key features of our development SDKs include:

• CDN configuration and cache clearing
• Presentation content creation and inline editing
• Switch between server-side and client-side loading of page features
• Video player libraries
• Client- and server-side content personalization & A/B testing
• Newsroom producer, per-feature configurable interfaces
• Detailed page feature user and performance analytics

We also have a full set of public APIs, so that you can extend Arc Publishing with your own tools.

Multivariate Testing & Experience Selection

The day of static designs that you use for years is over. Today, modern media organizations are continuously testing elements of page design with the goal of increasing user engagement and recirculation throughout their sites. Technology teams need the tools to continuously experiment, measure and optimize their sites—and Arc Publishing is built to fulfill exactly this need.

Client-side experience selection: Using Darwin and our Darwin-PageBuilder developer SDK, you can easily set up tests for your page features. Darwin automatically promotes successful feature variants while demoting those that result in less-favorable results.

Server-side experience selection: Client-side testing can work well for short-running tests that you need to roll out quickly, but Arc Publishing offers the unique capability to perform your site’s experience selection server-side, resulting in fewer client-side calls and a DOM that’s ready to use, fast. Our Darwin-PageBuilder developer SDK makes it easy to create cached server-side user experiences with selection criteria based on geography, device and more.

Content testing and personalization: Personalization and testing is no longer limited to just site features and designs. Modern newsrooms are now testing promotional content (headlines, photos on the homepage, etc) to drive readers to their best stories. The PageBuilder SDK makes it simple to build testable pages, enabling newsroom users to create tests inside your features.


If you are a publisher, some of the very important aspects of your SEO strategy are likely already established – such as creating great content with important keywords that potential visitors search for and many inbound links to your content. However, there are other essential aspects of making sure that same content is understood and easily found by search bots. Arc Publishing will preserve your existing SEO, and has tools built in for enhanced search strength and optimization. With site speed and security in mind, Arc is engineered to support and enhance your SEO strategy.

• Specialized content types
• Customizable URLs and metadata for content
• Powerful redirects

Integration with Arc Publishing

We’d love it if you used our whole suite of products, but we also know that technology teams need to ability to integrate other solutions as they see fit, including legacy tools that are difficult to extract from your stack.

With well-defined public APIs, Arc Publishing tools can be connected with a variety of other 3rd party solutions (including your own in-house tools!). Interaction between the tools in the Arc suite takes place over these same APIs, so you’ll have the same tools at your fingertips to create solid, full-featured integrations.